Abraham's Tent is a nonprofit organization committed to empowering underprivileged youth in Guyana by helping them achieve success in their educational lives.


Our Mission

  • Providing financial support for educational supplies and transportation to attend school
  • Providing academic and co­curricular support
  • Working with families, teachers and community members to support youth through their educational experiences

Our goals include:

  • 100% success rate of the passing the exams our students are studying for
  • Teaching our students the importance of ‘paying it forward’ by encouraging and expecting them to volunteer their time at our school or within the community
  • Building a larger school that would accommodate all grade levels

Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears and never regrets.
— Leonardo DaVinci

What We've Achieved

  • Two students from Abraham's Tent were the top CXC graduating students in Berbice.
  • Students who attend classes at Abraham's Tent at the 2017 CXC level have achieved 100% pass rate in the subjects they studied with us.
  • Establishing a stand-alone structure for classes in both Grade 6 Assessment and CXC levels.
  • 60% of our 2017 Grade 6 Assessment students have gained access to local high schools which is quite an achievement considering most of them were far below their standard reading level.
  • We have recently hired a new teacher specifically to teach phonics to the younger students, most of whom start at Abraham's Tent with very little reading skills.